About Faculty


Faculty of Humanities was founded in 1989 and currently has 6 majors and 8 disciplines, and is engaged in educational and research activities. Department of Humanities has established a center for surveying on Mobile and Internet. This department has also established another center for studies on urban damages which is active on computer games and animation. So this department is ready to cooperate with public and private organizations.


The faculty has 792 B.A. students, 207 M.A. students, and 45 Ph.D. students. There are a lot of job opportunities for graduated students of Law, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sport Sciences, Educational Sciences, Management and Entrepreneurship. The graduated students can be active on research projects and they can also cooperate with organizations, police and municipalities in order to have academic exchange.

You will find below the full list of programs offered at the University of Kashan (Last Updated December 2022). You can find a more thorough list of programs at the University of Kashan HERE


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