The Library of Faculty of Humanities

The university library is dedicated to providing awareness and instruction of information resources to students, faculty members, and staff. the library of faculty of literature and humanities is an invaluable partner in furthering the mission of the university of Kashan as an international university. Offering a full range of resources by librarians in diverse specializations, we provide a flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning, teaching, and research throughout the university. 

Using library portal (, one can subscribe and search within our resources including more than 150,000 books, 2500 MA and PhD dissertations, and cumulative archive of 800 journals and 500 current journal in the fields of Persian, Arabic, and English, social sciences, law (private and criminal), philosophy and religions, Islamic sciences, psychology, education, management (business and marketing(, and sports science. This library has over 24,000 books in English in all of the fields listed above and the same number available in Arabic language.

The university of Kashan libraries strives to lead in providing an exceptional library experience, supporting research services and scholarly communications, building on the excellence of our special collections, and investing in our staff to develop skills and capabilities.