Management and Entrepreneurship

Department of Management and Entrepreneurship is active on holding different scientific workshops for students in order to promote the academic level of students. This department has visited production factories and stock exchange to be familiar with some experienced managers. So the faculty members of this department are active on education and research.

Department of management and Entrepreneurship puts more emphasis on the skills rather than science to attract students’ attention on skills in order to do more researches on this area. This interest and skill makes students to be active on job opportunities. Department of management and Entrepreneurship is also active on the following issues:

  • Scientific visits
  • Using new methods for teaching
  • Holding project-driven classes
  • Rich Planning on educational facilities such as management games and libraries
  • Scientific association for planning
  • Doing research on industrial projects


Field and Major BSc Msc PhD
Social Sciences      
Social Sciences, Research  P     
Sociology, Cultural Studies    P   
Study of Social Problems      P 
General Psychology  P     
Educational Psychology    P   
Physical Education and Sport Sciences      
Physical Education and Sport Sciences  P     
Physiology of Sport  P     
Biology of Sport  P     
Law  P     
Private Law    P   
Criminal Law and Criminology    P   P 
Business Management  P     
Marketing Management  P     
Executive Management    P   
Entrepreneurial Management    P   
Educational Studies      
Educational Management and Planning  P     
Educational Management    P   
Curriculum Studies    P